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We are turn-key coating specialists incorporating advancing nanotechnology in everyday commercialized solutions.

A leader in industrial and agricultural coatings, FX Coating proudly offers solutions that are:



We offer non-skid and slip-resistant surface coatings.



Our coatings are available in chemical, stain, and water resistant applications.



FX Coating offers interior, exterior, and underwater coatings.

Our Products

FX Coating offers two distinct types of coating products: epoxy coatings and rubberized coating. Our epoxy coatings are primarily used for dairy, industrial, and commercial floor and wall coatings thanks to its polished and professional finish.

Our protective rubberized waterproof coatings are best suited to commerical grain elevatiors and agricultural applications. These coatings are used to protect grain bin foundations, silos, and flat roofs from corrosion and water damage.

We offer expert evaluations

Not every coating is made the same. That’s why it’s important to consult with a coating expert early in the application process. What the surface is made out of, along with its current state of distress, will factor heavily into your coating selection.

The experts at FX Coating will take the time to carefully evaluate the needs of your coating project in order to provide you with the best available solution. They’ll also take the time to educate you on any necessary surface preparations that might need to be undertaken prior to the product’s installation date.

Rubberized and epoxy coatings can improve the functionality, safety, and cleanliness of a wide range of surfaces. Protect your investment with one of our advanced coating systems.


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