Barn Epoxy Coatings

Prolong the life of your concrete floors and mangers with our proven epoxy coatings.

Reduce the time, effort, and financial resources needed to keep your dairy and poultry barns clean with the installation of specially formulated epoxy coatings. From mangers to cement floors, FX Coating specializes in the installation of milk room, robotic rooms, and feed system coatings.

Manger coatings keep your cows comfortable

The mangers in your dairy barn need to be able to handle a great deal of abuse. The combination of acid wear from feed and water damage from moisture and condensation can often cause the cement in mangers to rapidly deteriorate. Treating your feed managers with an epoxy coating helps to increase the durability of the cement, which will extend the lifespan of your feed troughs.

If your feed mangers and feed room floors aren’t properly protected with an epoxy coating you run the risk of pitting from continual wear. Pitted troughs are known to cause cows discomfort while eating. This leads to a reduced feed intake, which ultimately impacts the quality and quantity of the milk that is being produced.

Feed managers that are coated with our Food Grade epoxy are also significantly easier to keep clean and sterile. A clean and smooth floor will provide a higher feed intake with an estimated increase of up to 2 Litres of milk per cow per day. In fact, rough feeders that have been repaired and refurbished with an epoxy finish are often as good as new, thanks to a smooth and seamless finish and will decrease the potential for mould to grow and less uneaten feed.

FX Coating’s epoxy coatings are fast curing and exceptionally durable. Reduce your energy and water bills and cut back on the amount of feed wasted, all in one simple step. Contact FX Coating today for more information on this cost-effective dairy barn product.

Further protect your facility with tank room and milk room coatings

Ensure that your dairy barn is meeting health code standards with the installation of milk room floor coatings. Seamless and slip-resistant, our Food Grade floor coverings maintain their durability even in heavy traffic areas.

With our ultra-fast curing coatings, FX will have your milk room back up and running less than two hours after the application.

FX Coating’s epoxy systems will also help ensure that your bulk tank room is the cleanest area in your barn. Our epoxy coatings can also be applied to floors, hallways, and walls in order to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your facility.

Improve the cleanliness and efficiency of your dairy operation. Contact FX Coating today to schedule an onsite consultation.