Grain Storage Units & Silo Waterproof Rubberized Coating

Protect valuable seed grain by preventing water & corrosion damage to your commercial grain elevators.

Water damage. It’s a grain operator’s worst nightmare. Grain storage units are constantly exposed to moisture and rain and are susceptible to damage and leakage, which ultimately can result in adulterated grain.

Luckily, you can avoid this costly form of grain storage failure entirely through the use of a grain bin base sealing and silo roof repairs. When professionally applied, a rubberized coating on the base and roof of your storage equipment will create an airtight base and waterproof barrier, protecting your bin floor from corrosion and damage.

Permanently bond & waterproof your grain storage units

FX Coating’s rubberized coating system for grain storage units and cement silo roofs features an advanced waterproofing membrane that can be applied over a wide range of substrates, including steel, concrete, wood, and old roof systems.

Designed to protect against water and corrosion damage, FX’s rubberized coating is flexible enough to adapt to storage units movements caused by temperature changes and fill cycles. Backed by a two-year limited warranty, our rubberized coatings have been known to last for 15 years or longer.

Our installation process

FX’s rubberized grain storage unit coatings and cement silo roof treatments are cold applied using a low-pressure, high-volume spray application. Quick and convenient, our rubberized coatings boast excellent bonding characteristics and a seamless elastometric membrane.

Our advanced process is as follows:

Capable of being applied when the bin is full or empty, FX’s rubberized bin coating sets almost instantly, forming a seamless barrier.

The benefits of rubberized coatings

Rubberized grain storage units and roof coatings have an extremely high resistance to moisture. Unlike tar or polyurea coatings, which are easily compromised, rubberized coatings are designed to isolate leaks, preventing the spread of water and limiting the affected area.

Grain storage units & silo rubberized coatings:

You can never be too careful. Reduce your risk and improve the integrity of your grain storage unit – contact FX Coating today for more information on our rubberized grain storage coating technology.