Industrial and Commercial Coatings

Improve the look and functionality of your facility or warehouse with a commercial grade floor coating.

First impressions and cleanliness count for a lot. If your floors and hallways are worn, dusting, and becoming increasingly difficult to clean, then now is the time to consider a commercial or industrial grade floor coating. FX Coating’s professionally prepared and installed products can help you improve the look of your facility, at the same time enhancing the efficiency of your operation.

FX specializes in a wide variety of floor and wall coatings

The type of flooring coating that your facility requires depends a great deal on your industry as well as the flooring type. FX Coating offers a wide range of coating products, including:

FX Coating’s industrial floor coatings are fast curing, slip-resistant, and easy to clean. Perfect for high traffic areas, our coatings:

It’s more than just a floor

As floors wear, rough spots and depressions can form. Luckily, concrete floors can have their deterioration stopped and the damage reversed with epoxy coatings. Just like potholes can damage your vehicle, these fissures can take a toll on your warehouse and manufacturing equipment. Increased maintenance costs and equipment downtime don’t have to be an inevitable part of your workplace. FX Coating’s floor coating treatments actually enable you to rebuild damaged floors, creating a finish that’s as good as new.

Choosing the right installation expert for your flooring coating project is paramount. FX Coating is a professional floor coating provider that specializes in agricultural, commercial, and industrial coating products.

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